Mindapples Summer Tour 2011, supported by Mind and Time to Change

We designed and delivered Mindapples summer festival tour, helping devise an interactive tree installation to encourage people to share the ‘5-a-day’ for their mind and stimulate conversations about mental health.

This involved curating a tent of 50 performers and artists at Secret Garden Party and taking the installation to Larmer Tree Festival, Thames Festival, Wilderness, Thames Festival, The Big Chill and Playgroup Festival.

They said

“Thank you so much for bringing Mindapples to the Secret Garden Party this summer. It made an enormous difference to raising the tone of the event. It provided a fantastic interactive element to the venue, stopping people and properly engaging them. Not many of the things we program have such a capacity to appeal to anyone and everyone and get such a deeply considered response. it is easy to put on a show, but much much harder to make people stop and think, especially in such a fun and accessible way.┬áPlease do come back next year!” Ed Colville, Secret Garden Party