East Street Gallery

Commissioned by London Borough of Bromley (supported by the Outer London Fund), 2012

A project designed to focus attention on North Bromley, an area characterised by independent traders, but often overlooked following the development of Bromley town centre. We transformed a shipping container into a mirrored pop-up photo gallery to celebrate one of the streets in Bromley North Village. The exhibition was designed to illuminate the individual identities of people based on East Street by featuring professional portraits taken in their places of work. Gallery openings were a community event with live music and people sharing their thoughts about what they would like to see in North Bromley and postcard responses designed to feed into council development plans for the area.

They said

“The East Street Gallery was a fantastic event, not only engaging with local businesses but also providing an interesting pop-up piece of culture in the town centre.  The success of the gallery has also acted as a catalyst for bringing more art-based projects into the town centre.”
Lorraine Mcquillan, Town Centre Manager, Bromley

Photo: Jim Stephenson