Hunt & Gather is an inventive design and delivery practice. We create pioneering formats linking arts, business and community through consultation, on the ground research and micro labs to form participatory projects, installations, events and engagement tools.

We are based in the beautiful South West of England and are passionate about access to the wild, the rural-urban dynamic and well-being of our planet.

Our clients and collaborators include architects, art galleries, festivals, civic organisations, publications and local authorities.

We are members of the specialist assistance team for The Outer London Fund, a three-year £50m initiative launched by the Mayor in 2011 dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy and growth of London’s high streets and town centres. In addition to working in an advisory capacity we have designed and delivered projects in several London boroughs.

We bring a wealth of ideas, energy, enthusiasm and practical experience to every project and a team of the most skilled creative practitioners we have had the pleasure to meet.